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3 x Top Writer. British-North African London based med student. Interested in mental health, decolonisation, identity and access to healthcare.

An introduction to me, a one week old Medium writer.

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Hi, Medium community, I’m Sara!

I’ve been on Medium for about a week now, I for some reason decided to jump right in with a bit of a random first story, not really knowing how to navigate the platform on an effective level, nor realising this seems to be a…

PS — it isn’t to write everyday

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I’m just over one month into my Medium writing journey, as well as my writing journey itself, in fact. I have lost count of the number of articles I have written giving advice to new writers and new Medium users as to how to succeed on this site.

I have…

It’s a word we use often, but do we actually know what it means?

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I have written quite a bit over the past few days about “being accountable”, with only an assumption of what the word actually means. I even included it in the title of one of my main stories this week, discussing my weight loss journey.

Following this realisation, I decided to…

The never ending stream of articles instructing users how to quickly earn thousands.

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So, I’ve been on Medium for one week. I published one article on my first day here and have started writing more regularly over the past few days.

Initially, I didn’t know anything about the site as a writer. …

What does it mean?

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The word “Accountability” is a word that many of us use a lot.

Whether that be regarding work, education or within our personal lives, but it’s not often that we find the space to really get to grips with what this word actually means.

Accountability is an interesting word, as…

I certainly have

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I joined Medium in mid-July of this year. I was excited to start on this writing journey and looking forward to the prospect of potentially earning some money at the same time.

Earning money certainly wasn’t the only factor for me joining the Medium community and beginning writing, but did…

A slightly more left-field reflection on a bad couple of days

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I woke up early Friday morning, around 5 am, freezing. Colder than I’ve remembered being in a very long time. I felt horrendous. I felt groggy. I felt like crying.

I hazily pulled out my extra blanket from my wardrobe and snuggled in, desperately trying to get warm. …

And I haven’t enjoyed it

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So, I started my Medium journey back in July and I was super excited to begin writing and exploring the thoughts and ideas I have had swirling around in my head a bit more.

Upon joining the platform, I quickly realised a useful way to get into the habit of…

Sara Ali

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